Out and About in Seattle

Seattle is a great city if you love food. It boasts some of the country's best and freshest seafood, fabulous farmers markets, diverse restaurants offering everything from sushi to Mediterranean, and great stores (Delaurenti's), products (Salumi), and events (cheese festival).

Out and About
Annual Cheese Festival
May 2007

Trips to Pike Place Market
Daily Dozen Donut
Daily Dozen Donut, Jack's Fish and Chip Spot, Delaurenti's, World Spice Merchants

Dining Out
Steven and I rarely dine out (we're poor students, what can we say?). But here is a list of our favorite places and some reviews I did in the past.

Our Faves
My Five Favorite Places in Seattle

Dining Events:
25 for $25 every March and November (now 30 for $30)
We don't go out for this deal anymore but here are some reviews from a while back when we did.
The Oceanaire Seafood Room: March 07
Sazerac: Nov 06

Twenty Buck Duck: 2 course duck dinner at Campagne during the month of January
Campagne: Jan 07