The Pantry

The pantry is the place where we keep our food - everything from cooking staples to snacks for those midnight munchies. It may be as small as a 1 shelf bookcase or as expansive as a walk-in-closet. The pantry is not only limited to this space where we keep our dried ingredients but also includes the spice drawer/rack, the sauce cupboard, the fridge and freezer, and basically everything we eat or use to cook our meals and everywhere that we keep them.

Before I started cooking, our pantry was a 1 shelf bookcase that held the basic college staples: ramen, canned soups, Hamburger Helper (for when we felt really adventurous and wanted to make something). Once I started cooking, these processed and premade foods slowly disappeared and were replaced by more and more ingredients. After a well needed pantry upgrade, it's now bigger and better and includes an ever growing amount of spices, 14 different kinds and shapes of noodles, 7 different types of flours, well, you get the idea.

My Pantry Series:

The Chinese Pantry
Chinese PantryPart I: What You Need to Cook Your Food - Sauces, Condiments, and Aromatics

more coming soon

The Asian Pantry

The Baking Pantry
Baking Pantry

The Everyday Pantry

Pantry Spotlight Ingredients
Almond Extract

Century Egg

Dried Shrimp

Cream of Mushroom Soup

White Truffle Oil

Yuzu/Citron Spread