The Pantry

The pantry is the place where we keep our food - everything from cooking staples to snacks for those midnight munchies. It may be as small as a 1 shelf bookcase or as expansive as a walk-in-closet. The pantry is not only limited to this space where we keep our dried ingredients but also includes the spice drawer/rack, the sauce cupboard, the fridge and freezer, and basically everything we eat or use to cook our meals and everywhere that we keep them.

Before I started cooking, our pantry was a 1 shelf bookcase that held the basic college staples: ramen, canned soups, Hamburger Helper (for when we felt really adventurous and wanted to make something). Once I started cooking, these processed and premade foods slowly disappeared and were replaced by more and more ingredients. After a well needed pantry upgrade, it's now bigger and better and includes an ever growing amount of spices, 14 different kinds and shapes of noodles, 7 different types of flours, well, you get the idea.

My Pantry Series:
The Chinese Pantry
Part I: What You Need to Cook Your Food - Sauces, Condiments, and Aromatics

more coming soon

The Asian Pantry

The Baking Pantry

The Everyday Pantry

Pantry Spotlight Ingredients
Almond Extract

Century Egg

Dried Shrimp

Cream of Mushroom Soup

White Truffle Oil